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Montessori Works, Maroubra and Matraville

Montessori Education

The teaching methods and curricula are based firmly on the insights, materials and discoveries of Dr Maria Montessori. This is captured in our mission statement:

“Help me to do it myself”

The constant driving force is the need for independence, interdependence and sustainability in all areas of development: physical, social and spiritual.

Our Vision

That our Service is based on the theories of Dr Maria Montessori in the discovery of “sensitive periods” in the development of human beings and our understanding of human tendencies in establishing prepared environments for mixed age ranges of children corresponding to their interests, in an atmosphere of peace in which freedom is balanced with responsibility.

The outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework are achieved as children develop themselves following their interests in sensory-motor skills, discrimination and judgement, socialisation, creative intelligence and communication.

Our Values

Montessori education: Help me to do it myself (holistic approach, learning through play, continuity of learning and intentional teaching)
Observing the Rights of the Child: the child has a voice here
National Quality Framework: Principles, Practices and Outcomes
To walk the talk, everyday in every way – professional educators
Ethical Code of Practice (Early Childhood Australia)
Sustainability in all aspects: physical, social and spiritual
Serving our Community with inclusiveness
Offering a peaceful learning environment promoting virtues
Respect for diversity – cultural competence, learning, transitions
Indigenous people acknowledged: high expectations and equity
We welcome participation and feedback from all participants
Open communication to form partnerships and relationships
Reflective practice and ongoing learning to make changes
Keeping them safe – ChildStory
Striving to excel (Quality Improvement an ongoing process)

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School News

Each year families are invited to Meet and Greets: Harmony Day in March, the shortest day of the year in June is Movie Night, we celebrate the International Day of Peace in September and a final graduation and concert in December. Each term we host events to discuss aspects of our program. Mothers, fathers and grandparents are acknowledged with an open invitation for observing and interacting with their child on specific days throughout the year.