Montessori Training

Become a Montessori Educator

For 0-3 years and 3-6 years

Montessori study might be what you are looking for to implement in – Playgroups, Family Day Care, Long Day Care Centres, Preschools and Schools where children love to learn! Alternatively you may be at home with a child or children and would like to know about practical activities and their purpose to use with the children in your care.

The Montessori Training Package (MTP) that you are about to discover is flexible, affordable and easily accessible. We will show you how to implement the Principles of Montessori Education through its Practice and examine its Philosophy to empower you, the Guide or Adult, to prepare the environment you have or can develop over time.

With strong links to the Australian National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) you will see all the Outcomes spring to life as the children engage deeply in things that interest them, learn by exploring and learn by doing when their natural desire to develop themselves is so strong.

Our Educators have studied several National and International Montessori Courses and have made a commitment to provide a high standard of training and education. We give Students or Educators who wish to become Guides of the Montessori Method defined outcomes as this will ensure that they gain competence in this new area of expertise.

If you already have training and only want to do the Montessori component read on.

Both the Montessori 0-3 Training Package and the Montessori 3-6 Training Package are offered as “stand alone” courses. Remember flexible, affordable and accessible right in your own home! The Montessori “stand alone” courses are especially for those Educators (with Certificate 3 or Diploma or Early Childhood Teachers) or Parents who just want to know about Montessori Education and its implementation.

Each Training Package, 0-3 and 3-6 are offered over 40 weeks and are delivered to your email address.

“Help me to do it myself!” Montessori said, is the mantra of the child and in embarking on any of the Montessori Courses we have prepared, it is with that in mind. We help you the educator, guide, adult, mum, or dad to be a Guide for children and spread this knowledge as its base is: care of self, care of others and care of the environment – embedding sustainability and education for peace in all settings – from birth to adulthood – You can Discover Montessori Education!

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Payment methods: BSB: 732159 Account: 675775

Enrolment fee: $290 per package

Each Training package (40 weeks): $1200 per package

Monthly payment options available with Direct Debit.

Alumni Membership: On the successful completion of a Training Package you will have complementary Membership of the Australian Montessori Educators’ Network.

Australian Montessori Educators’ Network Membership: $50

ABN: 29153372785

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School News

Each year families are invited to Meet and Greets: Harmony Day in March, the shortest day of the year in June is Disco Night, we celebrate the International Day of Peace in September and a final graduation and concert in December. Each term we host events to discuss aspects of our program. Mothers, fathers and grandparents are acknowledged with an open invitation for observing and interacting with their child on specific days throughout the year.​