Toddler Parent Playgroup

Introducing your toddler to Montessori

Montessori kindergardenOur Parent Toddler Program provides an opportunity for children and their parents to come together in a specially prepared environment suited to the developmental needs of young children. This nurturing environment with specially designed materials and equipment is calm, ordered and enticing to children to explore and assist them in realising their full potential.

The focus of our program is to help children experience the joy of learning by facilitating their need for independence, order, movement, language and understanding of the world.

Through the support and guidance of a facilitator, parents will increase their awareness of their child’s capabilities and need for independence.

Parents will grow in their role as nurturing caregivers as they gain valuable parenting knowledge about Montessori principles including what experiences they can offer their child the home environment.


Dates: Saturdays, from 20 October to 15 December.
Time: 9am-11am
Venue: 3 Moorina Avenue, Matraville.

School News

Each year families are invited to Meet and Greets: Harmony Day in March, the shortest day of the year in June is Movie Night, we celebrate the International Day of Peace in September and a final graduation and concert in December.

Each term we host events to discuss aspects of our program. Mothers, fathers and grandparents are acknowledged with an open invitation for observing and interacting with their child on specific days throughout the year.