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Susan ChawanSusan Chahwan

Susan Chahwan is the Educational Leader of all Montessori Works centres and initiatives. Susan is an Early Childhood teacher, a Music Specialist, Montessori Director (AMI, AMS ) and Trainer (AMS, AMEN).


Mercedes Mejias

Mercedes is a diploma-trained and experienced ECT teacher from Brazil. She is responsible for co-ordinating our Montessori education throughout every day.

Mirna Bechara

Mirna is our diploma-trained Director with over 10 years’ experience in Montessori education environments. Mirna is always interested in furthering her training and has begun her ECT Degree and almost completed her NAMC studies

Sandip Dhillon

Sandip is an AMI-trained Montessori ECT teacher from England with leadership experience in 0-3 years-old environments. Sandip, or Sandi, is taking over this role temporarily from Maria Erasga who is currently on leave.

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School News

Each year families are invited to Meet and Greets: Harmony Day in March, the shortest day of the year in June is Movie Night, we celebrate the International Day of Peace in September and a final graduation and concert in December. Each term we host events to discuss aspects of our program. Mothers, fathers and grandparents are acknowledged with an open invitation for observing and interacting with their child on specific days throughout the year.​